Chief Nursing Officer

Location: King City, CA
Position:  Chief Nursing Officer
Location:  King City, CA
Employment type:  Full-time Perm
Department:    Administration
Reports To:   CEO
Is accountable to and under the supervision of the Chief Operating Officer of the hospital, plans, organizes leads and controls the functional activities of the Department of Nursing.
  • The Nurse executive, qualified by the advanced education and management experience, has the authority and responsibility to ensure the following functions are addressed:
    • Personnel management of nursing department employees to include hiring, firing, education, discipline, and promotions.
    • Development of hospital-wide patient care programs, policies, and procedures that describe how patients nursing care needs are assessed, evaluated and met.
    • Development and implementation of the hospital’s plan for providing nursing care, which is based on the needs for the patients to be served and the hospitals mission.
    • Participation with leaders from the governing body, management, medical staff, and clinical areas in the hospital’s decision-making structures and processes.
    • Responsibility for implementing an effective and ongoing program to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of nursing care delivered to patients.
    • Promotes good working relationships with other departments and works towards resolution of interdepartmental problems.
    • Creates a climate that allows open communication and promotes high professional standards.
    • Establishes overall departmental goals related to staffing, nursing care, education, quality assurance, total quality improvement and cost control.
    • Visits patients on the unit, analyzing and evaluating nursing and related services rendered to patients.
    • Participates in executive Medical Staff meetings as required.
    • Review transfers and incident reports. Is a member of the safety committee. Is responsible for nursing educational activities related to Risk Management.
    • Is knowledgeable of patient care standards and applicable regulations and insures they are followed in all daily activities.
  • Performance Criteria
    • The nurse executive or a designee(s) participates with leaders from the governing body, management, medical staff and clinical areas in developing the hospital’s mission, strategic plans, budgets, resource allocation, operation plans and policies. N.C.5.2
    • Develops the nursing budget in collaboration with other nursing leaders and hospital personnel. N.C. 5.2.1
    • Participates in the ongoing review of the hospital’s mission, strategic plans, and policies. N.C.5.2.2
    • The Nurse Executive and other nursing leaders participate with leaders form the governing board, management, medical staff, and clinical areas in planning, promoting, and conducting hospital-wide quality assessment and improvement activities. N.C.5.3
  • Ensure that registered nurses evaluate current nursing practice and patient care delivery models to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. N.C.5.3.1
  • Ensures that she/he themselves, as well as other nursing leaders participate in developing and implementing mechanisms that foster and encourage collaboration between nursing staff members. N.C.5.3.2
    • The Nurse Executive with assistance from other nursing leaders, is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating programs to promote the recruitment, retention, development, and continuing education of nursing staff members. N.C.5.4
    • Participates in developing and implementing mechanisms for recognizing the expertise and performance of nursing staff members engaged in patient care. N.C.5.4.1
    • Collaborates with governing body and other management and clinical leaders as needed to develop mechanisms for promoting the educational advancement goals of all hospital staff members. N.C.5.4.2
    • The Nurse Executive or a designee(s) participates in evaluating, selecting, and integrating health technology and information management systems that support patient care needs and the efficient utilization of nursing resources. N.C.5.5.
    • The Nurse Executive will facilitate, whenever appropriate, the use of efficient information management systems for nursing, other clinical (i.e. dietary, pharmacy, physical therapy) and non-clinical. N.C.5.5.1.
    • Ensures that all members of the nursing staff are competent to fulfill their assigned responsibilities.
    • Participates in policy decision affecting patient care services and participation in decision of how to improve the nursing care provided to the patients in the hospital. N.C.5.1.2,,
    • Recommends the modification, addition or deletion of personnel policies to insure reasonable hours and acceptable working conditions to provide patient care coverage.
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BSN) from an accredited school of nursing is required.
  • Master’s Degree in nursing (MSN) is preferred.
Work Experience:
  • Previous experience in Nursing Administration preferred.
  • At least 5 years previous experience in a CNO or similar nursing executive position.
Skills Requirements:
  • Prior experience with Meditech.
  • Union/Labor Relations experience required, preferably with California Nurses Association.
  • Working knowledge of The Joint Commission and Title 22 standards.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of nursing and healthcare practices and techniques.
  • Effective communication, both verbal and written ability to planning, directing and coordinating the work of subordinates.
  • Ability to work well with all levels of the organization.
  • Excellent management skills.
Licensing Requirements:
Current California RN License
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