House Supervisor - RN - Full-time (Nights)

Location: King City, CA
PositionHouse Supervisor
Location:  King City, CA
Pay Range:  $92,000 - 129,000
Relocation: Yes
Shift: Full-time
Hours:  Nights (12 Hr shifts)
Department:   House Supervisors

Performs a variety of Administrative duties in the absence of the Administrative team.  Oversees staffing of the Department of Nursing. 
  • Assumes all Administrative functions in the absence of the Administrative team.
  • Maintains the fiscal viability of the hospital by overseeing staffing of the Nursing Department assuring that patient safety as well as adherence to budgetary guidelines is maintained.  Applies constraint in utilizing overtime.
  • Coordinates activities between departments within the hospital to ensure safe high-quality care is maintained during the evening night hours, weekends and holidays.  Provides a safe environment for patients, employees and others.
  • Participates in department/hospital committees and projects as assigned/approved by the Director of Nursing Services.
  • Utilizes continuous quality improvement concepts to identify systems or other opportunities for improvement that require action, resolution or referral.
  • Communicates in a manner that is effective, therapeutic and may serve as a model for others.
  • Ensures that the same standard of nursing care as required by the Hospital, JCAHO, State and Federal Government is maintained.
  • Maintains clinical proficiency and develops managerial skills by attending continuing education courses and remaining abreast of current nursing procedures and techniques.
  • Delivers direct patient care.
  • Acts as the Administrative representative during off-shift hours.  Administrative activities to include, but not limited to:
    • Identifying and reporting pertinent information to the Administrator on call
    • Initiating emergency preparedness procedures (Drill or Actual)
    • Release of patient information to public/,media
    • Responding to patient relations issues
    • Initiating employee injury procedures
    • Initiating the critical bed status procedure.
    • Consulting and providing direction regarding patient consent laws, advance directives, required abuse reporting.
    • Identifies/notifies the coroner/designee of reportable deaths.
    • Supports and initiates all activities related to the observation of patient rights.
  • Demonstrates ability to identify significant problems and issues which required immediate attention by:
    • Accurately prioritizing issues/problems.
    • Contacting and responding to units in a consistent/timely manner to provide consultation and/or direct assistance or referrals in person or by phone.
    • Demonstrating the ability to function decisively and independently.
    • Appropriately consulting and referring for follow-up action.
    • Delegating corrective actions.
    • Providing timely and accurately documentation.
  • Provides overall direction to meet the staffing needs of the hospital’s nursing departments in a safe and cost- efficient manner by:
    • Conferring with and/or directing staffing assistants as appropriate.
    • Adjusting staffing according to census/acuity rating system, unit specific guidelines, contractual agreements, and budgetary constraints.
    • Assigning staff according to the skill level of the employee, unit need, and within contractual agreements.
    • Identifying personnel issues requiring further action and referring those to the appropriate manager or department head.
    • Arranging registry needs.
    • Receiving call-ins, sick calls, granting urgent medical or personnel leaves and assisting calling in staff for individual units.
  • Implements Patient Care
    • Demonstrates ability to fill staffing role according to established (job description) criteria.
    • Demonstrates competence in performing various nursing procedures using established department Policy and Procedure
    • Will be utilized as staff nurse before nurse manager
    • Bases on union contract supervisors are not to be scheduled as staff more than 50% of the time unless no staffing available.
  • Serves as a role model for unit staff.
    • Demonstrates ability to fill staffing role according to established (job description) criteria.
    • Demonstrates competence in performing various nursing procedures using established department policies/procedures.
    • Acts as a resource to other staff members in problem identification and resolution.
  • Coordinates the use of supplies and equipment on all nursing units
    • Demonstrates ability to provide supplies and equipment to the units which have the need; prioritizes the delivery of supplies and equipment based on assessed needs.
    • Maintains cost containment efforts by prudent use of supplies and equipment; charging supplies and equipment appropriately.
  • Performs various Inter-Department duties.
    • DIETARY:
      • Obtains food for patients and occasionally for physicians and staff.
      • Provide Dietary with a copy of the midnight census
      • Explains special dietary needs of patients.
      • Draws blood for alcohol level for outpatients as needed.
      • Draws blood for cardiac enzymes for inpatients as needed.
      • Calls on-call laboratory personnel as needed for emergency tests.
      • Assists laboratory personnel in obtaining specimens as needed.
    • X-RAY
      • Calls in X-Ray personnel as needed for emergency X-Ray examinations.
      • Assists X-Ray technicians in positioning patients as needed.
      • Monitors patients in X-Ray when warranted.
      • Prepares and/or delivers drugs after normal hours
      • Records issued drugs for Pharmacy
      • Dispenses and labels medication ordered for Emergency Room patients.
      • Investigates narcotic count discrepancies
      • Researches IV drug compatibilities or other questions which arise regarding medications.
      • Provides a copy of current surgery list (sequence of patients) to the transcribers by 6 AM.
      • Obtains past medical records when requested by physicians.
      • Maintains a record of the location of the charts
      • Encourages the Nursing Staff to complete their charts in medical records.
      • Assesses the patient’s level of care needs and determines the correct admissions level.
      • Provides an accurate midnight census.
      • Administers treatments to Emergency Room patients.
      • Calls in needed personnel for emergency situations.
  • Performs security and safety checks while making rounds.
    • Regularly follows the established hospital procedure for safety and security checks.
  • Is an active participant in the Nursing Management team.
    • Attends and actively participates in at least 80% of meetings.
    • Will participate in “Ad Hoc” and other committees, acting as a role model for staff by problem solving and producing results within allotted time.
    • When attending other assigned meetings, minutes with added commentary or notes form the meeting will be kept and sent to the Director of Nursing Services.
  • Assists department Managers or Director of Nursing with review and revision of policies and procedures, nursing care plans and standards of care on a regular basis throughout the year as requested.
  • Staff teaching and development.
    • Uses flexible approaches to teaching base on assessment of learner’s needs and the principles of adult learning.
    • Assists other staff in initiating a plan to meet identified learning needs.
    • Develops plans to meet educational needs of the unit.
  • Participates in the following:
    • In-services
    • Learning aids
    • Patient care guidelines
    • Nursing or hospital committees
    • Performance evaluations
    • Courses, i.e. CCU, Oncology, special care areas, etc.
    • Patient teaching programs.
    • Programs that meet the needs of several units.
      • Utilizes opportunities for incidental teaching with staff members (i.e. during report, at the bedside, during discussions).
      • Assists in orientation of new staff by acting as mentor or consultant.
      • Serves as a consultant on a consistent basis for staff members, both as an expert clinician and as a manager of care through others.
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Directs others to follow hospital policies and procedures and unit protocols.  Interprets (or uses resources to interpret these and to other staff members, including their legal implications based on Nurse Practice Act and regulations that govern practice.
    • Consistently communicates changes in policy/procedure to staff.
  • Interpersonal relations/communications
    • Listens to the ideas, opinions and feelings of others
    • Uses communication (inter-personal) strategies with individual patients and staff that result in:
    • Achievement of intended outcomes.
    • Others expressed perception of acceptance/satisfaction.
    • Gives feedback to other staff in regard to behavior that is detrimental to:
    • Achievement of patient care objectives.
    • Achievements of unit and organizational objectives.  Suggests options for achieving change in behavior when needed.
    • Assists others in achieving proposed changes in behavior when needed.
    • Identifies and assists in altering unproductive behavior based on principles of group dynamics and individual counseling
  • Unit, department, hospital contributions.
    • Participates in unit goal setting; makes budgetary recommendations for the nursing department.
    • Attends mandatory in-service programs and adjusts staffing needs to allow staff to attend.  Follows through with record keeping for mandatory classes as needed.
    • Participates in self-study programs.
    • Participates in committee work willingly and as requested.
    • Participates in the review and evaluation of the quality of care provided to the patient.
    • Assumes responsibility for acquiring knowledge/experience to meet goals.
    • Provides annual and on-going input for coworker performance appraisal using established criteria.
  • Professional responsibilities.
    • Keeps all certifications/licensure current (i.e. CPR, ACLS, etc.)
    • Plans for change and growth based on evaluation and feedback
    • Goals reflect career plans
    • Acquires knowledge and experience to meet goals.
  • Three or more years recent and progressive experience in an Acute Care Hospital.
  • Graduate of Accredited School of Nursing – required
  • California RN license – required
  • AHA BLS – required
  • AHA ACLS -required
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